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W Fiber (Extreme Detox)
W Fiber (Extreme Detox)
W Fiber (Extreme Detox)

W Fiber (Extreme Detox)

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W Fiber is a high fiber detoxification drink that helps the body balance out bowel movements and gets rid of toxins. Feel great and look good inside and out with W Fiber. 


Certification: FDA apporved. by the Government of Thailand. GMP certified. HALAL approved. 


Size: 5 Sachets per box 


Results: Consume 1 box to start to feeling the benefits of W Fiber. No approved therapeutic claims. 




Relieves constipation

Balances and regularizes bowel movements

Relieves bloating

Enhances absorption of nutrients in the body

Helps with weight loss

Helps control weight and fat gain

Helps relieves symptoms of acne


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